This project is funded by the European Union under the Horizon 2020 Programme under grant agreement no. 723853.     


COROMA project proposes to develop a cognitively enhanced robot that can execute multiple tasks for the manufacturing of metal and composite parts. COROMA will therefore provide the flexibility that European metalworking and advanced material manufacturing companies require to compete in the rapidly evolving global market.

The project approach makes an extensive use of modularity. Seven different modules will be developed to fully cover the project’s technical challenges and objectives. The modular approach will ease the integration of the project outputs in the European industry. Since manufacturing companies have different requirements some companies may only require certain capabilities from the COROMA robot; thus, they will be able to tailor their COROMA robot picking the strictly necessary modules.

  • CORO-PROG includes the single human-robot software interface to command the robot and the automatic generation of robot path to execute different manufacturing operations by embedded process know-how, easy function block programming and voice and hand signals.
  • CORO-SENSE uses a hardware and software 3D vision package that allows the robot to perceive and understand the manufacturing environment and to precisely locate the part, including life-long learning algorithms.
  • CORO-MOB comprises the mobile platform which allows a safe and autonomous navigation of the robot through semi-structured workshops.
  • CORO-HAND is a robotic hand/gripper with the associated control system to dexterously handle different tools thus increasing the adaptability of the robot to perform different manufacturing operations.
  • CORO-SAFE is composed of a hardware and software solution providing a safe and fenceless immersion of human workers in the robot’s environment for close human-robot collaboration.
  • CORO-COOP includes the necessary software and hardware so that the robot can interact with other machines, mainly machine tools and non-cognitive robots, to execute simultaneous multiple operations on the same part by several agents.
  • CORO-OPTIM is a process monitoring hardware and software for continuous process condition awareness and for process adaptation for optimization. The optimisation consists of both immediate response and by the feedback of lessons learned and process know-how to CORO-PROG module.