This project is funded by the European Union under the Horizon 2020 Programme under grant agreement no. 723853.     

COROMA has been chosen by the EU Commission to take part in the “Workshop on the Future of Industrial collaborative Robotics”. the event took place on the 1st of July 2019 in Brussels, in the Covent Garden Building. Our Scientific coordinator, Asier Barrios, from IDEKO Research Center, had the opportunity to present the vision of COROMA to the participants. He was in charge of offering project partners’ inputs to the important challenges arising in the future of the Robotics.

This workshop is organised as part of a study the European Commission is carrying out to assess the impacts, benefit and hindering factors of collaborative robotics in manufacturing and is a previous step for the preparation of the report to be presented by the Commission this year at the European Research and Innovation Days, on September 26. The Innnovation Days are an important milestone in the calendar, with the participation of ministers, commissioners, members of European Parliament, and decisive leaders for industry and academia. Policy, Innovative Europe Hubs and Exhibitions on Science will be on the agenda.

COROMA will be very pleased to contribute to the “Workshop on the Future of Industrial Robotics” with its experience on the technology used in the project, analyzing the envisaged impact on industry, economics and society. How to improve research activity at European level in Robotics, how to transfer its results it in a better way to industry, and how to make it have a positive impact on society will be for sure on the table of the workshop.

The rest of the projects that will share the table of the workshop with COROMA, only 7, are old friends that took part, most of them, in the 6th Workshop on Hybrid Production Systems, in the past European Robotics Forum, in Rumania: Sharework, Sherlock, Rossini, HR-Recycler, Collaborate, Thomas and Symbiotic.