This project is funded by the European Union under the Horizon 2020 Programme under grant agreement no. 723853.     


ACITURRI AERONAUTICA is a Spanish industrial group and Tier 1 supplier of metal and composite parts for the aerospace industry, specifically high technology aero structures (Tier 1) and engine components. From the ACITURRI AERONAUTICA group ACITURRI Metallic Parts (ACI) company will take part in the project. This company is specialised in the manufacturing of metal parts and also the manufacturing of mixed meta-composite parts. This company manages three production centres, two in Miranda de Ebro with a staff of 196 employees (Burgos, Spain) and one in Berantevilla with 55 employees (Álava, Spain) integrating the skills to provide high added value metallic structures and different engine components to the aerospace market.
Over the years PMA has gained a lot of expertise in each of these areas, participated in numerous national, European and international projects, and has acquired or built advanced equipment and software. Know-how and infrastructure are exploited in the third component of their mission, service to the industry, in which tailored solutions are pursued or specific assistance is offered in the framework of bilateral projects, or consulting. It has a long-standing experience and contribution to machinetool mechatronic projects.

Role in the COROMA Project

Aciturri will be the leader of WP1 “Requeriments definition”, since Aciturri is an end user that manufactures both metal and composite parts and has the capability to understand the needs in both metal and composite industries. Aciturri will lead the demonstration in the aerospace sector. Aciturri also will help the rest of the partners in other areas which requires knowledge about the final application of the robot.

Location details

Aciturri Metallic Parts S.L.U.
Polígono Industrial de Bayas
C/ Ayuelas, parcela 22
09200 – Miranda de Ebro, Burgos, Spain
Phone +34 947 05 90 00