This project is funded by the European Union under the Horizon 2020 Programme under grant agreement no. 723853.     


University of Nantes hosts about 37 000 students and a total research staff of 3200 people works on a variety of domains in 65 research units. IRCCyN lab is one of them, with 265 people. It is the Institute of Research on Communications and Cybernetics of Nantes (UMR CNRS 6597 Research and development activities at IRCCyN cover a very broad scientific spectrum: automation, robotics, signal and image processing, real-time system, process planning, cognitive psychology, manufacturing process and industrial engineering. MO2P (manufacturing) and Robotique (robotics) research teams are stakeholders in this project. The research topics concern the robotization of manufacturing process. It also deals with high speed machining, and more particularly the issues of process monitoring and data mining, in order to increase the intelligence of machine-tools. Works are also carried out on dynamics and on composite material cutting. Results were mainly applied in aircraft industry within collaborative projects, for data mining in HSM, for the sanding and deburring of metallic structural parts or for the trimming operation of CFRP parts for example.

Role in the COROMA Project

The University of Nantes will lead the WP4 “Manufacturing process cognition” ans specifically working in the activities related to robotic manufacturing process optimization based on process situational awareness, reasoning and reaction, on finishing, drilling, trimming and sanding operations for composite materials. Once cognitive solutions are developed, The University of Nantes will collaborate integrating them in real applications. Finally, in the last phases of the project, The University of Nantes will help the end users in their industrial demonstration..

Location details

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