This project is funded by the European Union under the Horizon 2020 Programme under grant agreement no. 723853.     

The tenth edition of the European Robotics Forum is taking place in Bucharest, Romania, from March 20 to 22. With such an excellent opportunity to disseminate COROMA project results, within this context,  two partners are presenting our work in research and technological innovation in robotics in the “6th Workshop on Hybrid Production Systems” inside the forum. The workshop will develop as a cluster activity, with other representatives that will present European projects running in parallel with COROMA..

In the morning of March 21, the project coordinator, Javier Hernández, from IDEKO Research Center, will explain this cognitively enhanced robot concept, which is the vision of the project, and who are the 16 companies from 7 different countires involved in this iniciative. He will share  technical developments and the results obtained so far in COROMA, focusing in the applications in the Aerospace and Energy sectors. The CORO-modules used in these enterprise use cases and practical applications will be the main part of his presentation, that will also serve to introduce a second one: that same afternoon Benoit Furet, from the University of Nantes, will show the work done for the Naval sector, with the promising automated mobile robotic system for boat-mould sanding. An appealing industrial event is being prepared to demonstrate this technology before summer. Better don’t miss it: we’ll keep you informed.

The presence of COROMA in ERF’19 is not limited just to these 2 interesting presentations. Shadow Robot has its own stand at the forum, while the presence of DIN will assure that COROMA keeps an eye on standardization tendencies in robotics world.

2019 is time for demonstrators, so dissemination activities will find both good reasons and issues to communicate the progress of COROMA. Together with the series of videos launched, and to be launched, to explain the technical aspects of the project to the general and specialised public, the state of our developments in our three industrial scenarios will soon be ready for dissemination.