This project is funded by the European Union under the Horizon 2020 Programme under grant agreement no. 723853.     

COROMA Month 30: visit to Stäubli, our robot manufacturer

With less than 6 months left for the end of the project, the last General Meeting of COROMA is hold in the premises of Stäubli, our partner specialised in manufacturing robots. No doubt it is an anticipated meeting, where all the partners will have the opportunity to visit the workshop where the robots used along the project are assembled and tested.

This time, the agenda of the meeting is short, with few general issues to be addressed (demonstration, exploitation, dissemination), but long time to be used for discussions about each detailed aspect of the work from now to the end of July. Nobody wants to left any important question to be answered in summer time, and September, the last month of the project, will be used to ultimate workshop set-ups, and report writing.

The specific functionalities of COROMA to be shown, and the way to demonstrate them, are a main point of the meeting. It is not only, but also, a way to prepare the final review meeting: with a robotic system coping with 3 scenarios defined by each one of 3 different users, it is a necessary exercise focused on the clear communication of our efforts, on how to show clearly all the innovative applications developed for Naval (Beneteau), Aerospece (Aciturri) and Energy (ENSA) sectors.

On the other hand, exploitation and standardisation activities are also facing their last effort. With the help of all the consortium, the last definition of business cases and exploitation strategies for all of them are… under construction.