This project is funded by the European Union under the Horizon 2020 Programme under grant agreement no. 723853.     



COROMA partners met at the KTH (Stockholm) to share the progress of the project after a successful mid-term review.

All the work packages devoted to technical development have finished, and it is time to have a look at their results in order to focus on the integration phase. By now, the first day was dedicated to two specific workshops: on exploitation and standardisation. The Second day of the meeting will be dedicated to the integration of all results into the new robotic system.

At this point, 10 potential products have been identified for their exploitation, but in this meeting an extra exercise has been carried out to go deeper into their viability, and into the identification of other commercial results. It is the previous phase to the definition of the business cases. This demonstrator will take as a model the already developed offer detailed for the application of COROMA to the boat mould sanding.

The industrial impact and relevance of the COROMA project will be established through the development of industrial demonstrators:

  • Demonstrator One, will represent the energy sector aiming at manufacturing large metal parts.
  • Demonstrator Two, will represent the aerospace industry focusing on both metal and CFRP parts.
  • Demonstrator Three, will represent naval industry with the manufacturing of GFRP parts.

Standardisation has been also an important issue in this first day meeting: DIN has explained the key aspects of the standards to the whole consortium, before going into the definition of the main aspects that our partners identify as deserving a work on around standards: safety, communications, process testing and validation… are some of the components of that list that will be worked in the next months until the next meeting.

A visit to the workshop, to see some demos on safety interaction with robots, has made better an already great working day.